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Marthe Sophie- 17th April 2016
Gaze of Science exhibition

Marthe Sophie is organizer of the exhibition New realism - Gaze of Science at Amsterdam Science Park. The exhibition connects the scientific world through an artists eye. During one of the discussion meetings we brainstormed on lot of ideas about how a better use of technology can help sell art in a better manner and possible opportunities for collaborations. Marthe wants to open up a new artistic studio at Startup Village facility to be started at Amsterdam Science Park, and is in discussion with ACE Venture Labs for the same.

Jan Willem Smeenk - 26th April 2016
 SODAQ ONE IoT sensor chip

Jan is CEO at SODAQ, a Netherlands based company creating sensors for Internet-Of-Things ecosystem. He presented the latest development in IoT and the SODAQ ONE hardware (kickstarter funded) related details. Highlights of the talk included different ways to generate power for IoT devices (using kinetic energy), previous kickstarter projects from SODAQ, and applications of SODAQ One sensor in different fields such as tracking rhinos in Tanzania, garbage bins in Netherlands, etc.  

Jonathan Carter - 2nd May 2016
Amsterdam smart city IoT infrastructure

Jonathan is co-founder of Glimworm and Glimworm iBeacon sensors.  The talk focused on practical deployment challenges of IoT sensors in the city of Amsterdam and aligned discussions. Jonathan also visited many researchers from database, distributed and interactive systems groups, www symposium correspondent, Tallgrass that is resulting into more collaborations at different levels. One area of future collaborations is into setting up a Things Network at Science Park in assistance with Glimworm.  

Bauke Bakker - 12 th May 2016 creativesacross network spread

Bauke is founder of creativesacross network and visited CWI to see the facilities and have a discussion on possible collaboration opportunities. He is in discussion with a design professor Girish Dalvi who specializes in typography and related research, at the Indian Institute of Mumbai Industrial Design Center (IITB IDC) in India.

Lindia Vosjan - 21 st Sept 2016 Art festival at Science Park

Linda Vosjan, the founder of the creative agency for sustainable initiatives and her colleague visited Science Park for discussing potential ideas to integrate their art festival during Open-Day at Science Park in October 2017. 

Tiego Rosado - 21st Oct 2016
Aware media collaborations

Tiego Rosado and Luis Monteiro partners at  visited to discuss the possible opportunities for collaboration with Science Park businesses. There was an extensive discussion, brainstorming and critical feedback on one of the entrepreneurial projects being developed at Science Park. 

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