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TEDex pitch talk - Amsterdam University College - 10th Feb 2016

Mrunal Gawade gave a pitch talk titled "Accelerating creativity on the academic campuses" at TEDex 2016@AUC, describing his larger vision of how initiatives such as ScienceParkCreatives can act as a crucial seed for innovative mindset creation across academic campuses all over the world. The pitch talk can be seen here.

Metis Montessory Lyceum school - Demos and lecture series - Nov 2015 to April 2016

How to make scientific research interesting amongst high school students? In collaboration with Harm Snel, the teacher, 3 lectures were arranged at the school and 3 visits of school children were arranged to CWI for different scientific demos from different research groups including data visualizations, recommendation engines, lightning and plasma physics, electric grid simulations for electric cars demand, data center visit. Around 30 students attended in 3 batches over a period of 4 months.

Connectable event launch involved participation from Mrunal Gawade as one of the Science Park Business Organization's Brand Ambassadors to promote connecting different entities at Amsterdam Science Park. Brand ambassadors are representatives of different groups at Amsterdam Science Park, including students, researchers, entrepreneurs. These connectable tables at Science Park campus kept at different locations would let people connect to promote collaborations.

Amsterdam Science & innovation awards - Amsterdam University College - 26th May 2016

Mrunal Gawade's idea about "automated video creation" was selected for Science and Business program at the Amsterdam Science and Innovation awards ceremony, where he spoke with business event partner Karim Akhlal, the CEO of Recrout during matchmaking event to understand the potential to bring the idea to the market. The grand prize was awarded to Bram Schermers for his idea about breast cancer detection device.

Abhishek Thapar, a Masters graduate at DAS Arts on a prestigious scholarship, presented his first year project performance at DAS Arts. The performance is themed on the role of humans in the E-waste evolution. Are things becoming obsolete too soon? How do we keep up with all these things that have now become junk? Do we throw them away? What happens to them? Do they die? Or do they come back to us, and in what way, shape or form? CWI provided all the E-waste (old CPUs, motherboads, hard disks, cables, monitors, etc.) for the entire setup. 

Makers Fair - Eindhoven
2nd / 3rd September 2017

Makers Fair Eindhoven is a renowned event for makers community in the Netherlands to exhibit their skills. More than 200 makers contribute to this 2-day event at the design city of Netherlands, Eindhoven. Science Park Creatives will be showcasing some of their projects such as HOLOFIL, crowd-funded book, 3d scanning etc. at this event. Join us there. 

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