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Can you spot interesting ideas?


Do you want to brainstorm on your ideas?


How to turn interesting ideas into entrepreneurial opportunities?

Share knowledge

Build & collaborate

The aim is to create an inspiring innovation collaborative ecosystem through group communication.

Share interesting and knowledgeable articles, books, events, documentaries, talks, and ideas  on the Facebook group to create a learning based environment for innovative mindset creation. Start discussions on interesting topics and participate in interesting discussions.  Learn.

The focus of the Facebook group is to create a sharing and learning based ecosystem with a strong emphasis on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, media / artistic challenges that can get assistance from technology, inspiring stories of art and technology integration and related themes. 

At the Innovation lab brainstorm with us on new ideas, designs, use of the equipment, and any other related problem to help you progress on your project. Your projects could be fun projects too. Share with us your new found knowledge, post in on the Facebook group, take pictures of your project, and inspire us by showing how it looks and functions. You might find new collaborators through your sharing.  Your fun project might result into a serious entrpreneurial opportunity. Discuss with us the possibilities. 

Do you see any possible opportunities for events / talks / collaborations with other groups / industry / networks? Please share and take the lead to make connections, follow up, and build an innovation ecosystem. 

Join us on the facebook group

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