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The larger vision is to connect innovation hubs all over the world to collaborate on interesting projects. Please get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate. Some active collaboration partners are as follows.

This is the parent organization responsible for science and business integration at Amsterdam Science Park. ScienceParkCreatives actively collaborates with them for funding, event management, brand series promotions, advise, etc.

ACE-Venture Lab is the startup incubator organization at the Amsterdam Science Park campus. It's founder and director is Erik Boer. ACE-Venture lab supports and advises on different entrepreneurial ventures. Twice in a year a startup boot-camp workshop is held to provide initial round of advise and workshops on different entrepreneurial matters to young startups. You can get advise about patents, intellectual property, funding, and different related matters throughout the year through their expert advisers. Startup village is the new proposed container based facility to provide new office space to more startups starting from Aug 2016.  

Co-founded by Reindert Hommes at Amsterdam Science Park, Tallgrass provides services for fiber optics networks. Science Park Creatives use the prototyping lab facility at Tallgrass for their innovation lab facility. Use of equipment (and material to a large extent) is free as long as spirit of collaborative innovation is maintained.

Founded by Bauke Bakker from Amsterdam, an alumni of Amsterdam Media Lab, Creativesacross aims to build up a network of creatives starting from Amsterdam to worldwide, to work on media + tech oriented projects. Some members of ScienceParkCreatives are doing brainstorming and feedback with their prototypes.

Founded by Mark Raja, based in Banglore India, India arts movement is a network of creatives with a focus on artistic projects. Their larger vision and work in progress, is to build a facility to bring together artists, scientists, entrepreneurs to do innovative projects. ScienceParkCreatives is collaborating in terms of feedback on setting up such a facility, review of related vision documents, providing references of new Amsterdam based International art platforms such as AccessArt that would allow exposure of Indian artists work.

Co-founded by Jonathan Carter, a leading figure in Internet-Of-Things infrastructure in Amsterdam smart city movement, Glimworm aims to create a network (Things-Network) across Netherlands and world to connect Internet-Of-Things ecosystem related sensors and devices. ScienceParkCreatives is coordinating to have a demo of the infrastructure by Jonathan Carter at Amsterdam Science Park in coming days, and roll out a Internet-of-Things infrastructure testbed plan of action, for making Amsterdam Science Park connected to Things Network ecosystem, where students / researchers can build interesting IoT applications.  

Founded by Collin Ellis from Amsterdam, Milo is a personal assistant to help you organize your contacts. Their solution however lacks semantic based intelligence. A PhD student from CWI is having collaborative discussions with Milo to help them improve their technology.

Founded by a group of friends from Austria with complementary skill-sets, Mantigma creates data science products and performs rapid software prototyping for enterprise customers. Jan Auer is the point of contact and has been involved in brainstorming on new ideas, discussions on new business plans, web-product development consulting specifically MEAN stack development and html front end rendering etc.

Startup village is a new facility to be started at Amsterdam Science Park for hosting new startups office space. It will be using containers as the building material, and aims to create a community of startup occupants over a period of 5 years. ScienecParkCreatives participates in design discussions, meetings, brainstorming sessions on the design inputs for architectural feedback and related ecosystem. Suzanne Hansen is the point of contact. 

Product Reflex is a design studio founded by Thomas Viek providing solutions for 3d modelling, design, rendering, etc. They provide consulting services to members of ScienceParkCreatives for 3D designs, rendering, prototyping, etc. 

Access art is a web-platform with the aim of making accessible art available online by promoting individual artists. They work with artists worldwide and are based in Amsterdam. The point of contact is its founder and CEO Sabrina

Linda Vosjan is the founder of the creative agency for sustainable initiatives. Through her agency collaborations she works with different artists. They are planning to do an art festival next year on Open-Day at Science Park. During our brainstorming meeting we discussed interesting topics from conceptualization of this festival to make it a reality.

Tiago Rosado is co-founder of, a film and photography company. He is also a co-founder of the prestigious photography competition in Amsterdam and Berlin, He has a wide range of international experience in photography and videography. 

Milan van den Bovenkamp is founder of wild car works, a concept for connecting brains for ideas. He calls its a Tinder for brains.  

Annette van Driel  is founder of Urban camp site Amsterdam, a foundation for creating sustainable camp sites with different themes. They proposed to have Science Park campus as the proposed site for 2017. 

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